Awakening the Butterfly

This is an announcement of my upcoming e-Book to be distributed by Smashwords.

Suppose humanoids from a relatively close part of our galaxy came to earth not as mentors or monsters but simply as trading partners. Earth could not compete with the economy of scale of their production and distribution networks, which would be supplied by raw materials from a wide variety of planets.

Early in the 22nd century, half a century after the arrival of these aliens, our planet has become economically depressed, exporting raw materials and mirroring the dependency of Third World countries during the 20th century.

A multicultural team of earthlings based in New York City has developed a limited form of time travel that is based more on spirituality than science. They summon a man from the late 20th century while he is dreaming, in order to get information that may enable Earth to emerge from its planetary doldrums and participate more fully in the galactic economy.

Awakening the Butterfly is a quantum fiction novel that takes its title from a famous poem by Taoist Zhuang Zhou (Chuang Tzu). The story develops an old idea that the human soul has components, a recognition that is utilized by a second team of earthlings who specialize in limited teleportation.

Consensus reality is presented as a physical phenomenon as well as a social one. In this imagined future, computer games are used for work instead of play. The plot explores other aspects of human society including: romance, ethnic identity, education, literacy, baseball, and planetary government.

This book is self-referential, emulating The Saragossa Manuscript but set 300 years later. My aim in offering it is to broaden the scope of imagining the future and inspire the reader by introducing some concepts that you’ve probably never encountered before.

Look for a more specific announcement here next week regarding pre-orders, discounts, and review copies.


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