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Dune: Will the Audience Get Lost in the Sands of Time?

Denis Villeneuve has boldly approached the immense task of bringing Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel to the screen by dividing it into two parts, the first of which is already long at roughly 2.5 hours. Splitting a book into two movies worked well for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because it was the final installment,Continue reading “Dune: Will the Audience Get Lost in the Sands of Time?”


Can a solid Foundation lead to a weak first story?

Yes, it can and it did. When the Apple TV series Foundation began streaming this past September, Gizmodo ran Rob Bricken’s review titled “They Said Foundation Couldn’t Be Filmed, And It Still Hasn’t Been”. He concluded that the TV series created by David Goyer (who wrote the Blade trilogy, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight,Continue reading “Can a solid Foundation lead to a weak first story?”

Mars Hoopla: Manifest Destiny in Outer Space?

About a year ago, I wrote to a friend who is part Iroquois and mentioned that a lot of syfy stories (novels, films, TV series, etc.) are rooted in the notion that earthlings will (or long ago did) colonize the galaxy, or even further. It suddenly dawned on me that Manifest Destiny had reached intoContinue reading “Mars Hoopla: Manifest Destiny in Outer Space?”

Is the Star Trek Reboot Racist?

Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) first aired on NBC in September 1966. It has been praised as an exemplar of our multicultural future for more than half a century. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a fan and personally convinced Nichelle Nichols not to leave the cast after her first season of playing Lt.Continue reading “Is the Star Trek Reboot Racist?”