The Garden of Forking Paths: A Loop of Redemption? is a free online copy of Jorge Luis Borges’ translated collection Labyrinths, published in augmented form in 1964, but “The Garden of Forking Paths” was initially published by translator Donald Yates as a story in 1958. Summary: Dr. Yu Tsun, formerly a professor of English at the German college in Tsingtao, resides in EnglandContinue reading “The Garden of Forking Paths: A Loop of Redemption?”

Awakening the Butterfly: now available for download

My quantum fiction novel Awakening the Butterfly has now been released by Smashwords for distribution as an eBook: The Smashwords price is the same ($3.99) as at Amazon (Kindle), Kobo, Barnes & Noble (Nook), and Apple Books (ISBN number: 9780463328125). If you’re a Smashwords member, Favorite me at: Happy reading! MartinContinue reading “Awakening the Butterfly: now available for download”

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